Electricity charging can be so beautiful

Don’t you agree that your new Kinetos® wallboxes and charging stations deserve the most beautiful design. As a status symbol for the new e-mobility, our charging stations are a real eye-catcher. As stylish as your Apple® iPhone® and your SONOS® speakers. A unique modern design in best quality and workmanship awaits you. The tinted glass front impresses with its timeless elegance. The round and robust stainless steel housing clads the modern design on the side.

Kinetos product portfolio with wallboxes and charging stations for all for all electric vehicle classes and purposes
Incredibly versatile. Power charging with Kinetos® power boxes and pillars : at home, at work, at the gas station or in the parking garage.

A very round offer of charging stations and chargers

Powerboxes from 11 to 22 kW

For private, commercial use & operators

Powerstations from 25 to 150 kW

For operators & commercial users

Powercharger from 11 to 22 kW

For Automotive Industry & Suppliers

We are electrifying mobility

We will be the world’s leading manufacturer of electric charging technologies in the future. Our unconditional passion for innovative and very fast charging technologies of the latest generation will inspire e-mobility. We have created the world’s most innovative onboard chargers and charging stations here in Cologne, from development to production: Made in Germany with the best team behind us.  Our vision is to electrify e-mobility emission-free without limits.
With a diameter of only 38 cm, the Kinetos Powerbox® is a real eye-catcher and looks good on any carport, garage or house wall.

Power stations
for operators & commercial users

Unique technology

With Kinetos® WARPSPEE, we have developed High-speed a very fast, usage-intelligent, and flexibly scalable charging technology that is leading the way.  It is used in charging stations and electric vehicles.

Power charger for
shortest charging times

With three times the charging power, DC charging current technology that can be scaled as required, better efficiency, intelligent control, and intelligent  operation, we are revolutionizing e-mobility.

Made in Germany

With its next-generation charging technologies, the Kinetos Group is a pioneer of cutting-edge high-tech. With engineering Made in Germany, Kinetos is one of the number one suppliers.
1.3 billion cars are driving on our planet. Each of them deserves a clean drive. That’s why we’re developing our charging technologies.
The Kinetos Partner Network

Together. Successful..

The market for e-charging technologies is booming and promises exponential growth. Experts assume that at least as many charging points as electric cars will be added. With Kinetos, you get access to state-of-the-art charging technologies. Participate in the long-term steady growth of a sustainable future market with your sales successes.

Become a Kinetos partner.

Fast charging between purchases. With the Kinetos® fast charging stations (DC power stations), this can be done in no time at all.

Kinetos electrifies the world

Our passion for smart charging infrastructure, strong charging management and fastest charging technology drives us day by day. With Kinetos® WARPSPEE, we have developed a very fast, usage-intelligent and networked charging technology  leading the way. It can be used as an onboard charger inside and as a DC charging station outside the vehicle. Kinetos is one of the few charging pole manufacturers in the world that has also developed the heart, the converter in the charging pole, itself and manufactures it with Made-in-Germany quality.
Almost 1 billion tons of CO2 are emitted in EU road traffic. That’s one billion too many. That’s why we’re developing our charging technologies.
Recharging at the workplace: With Kinetos® power stations, your vehicle fleets and your employees' electric cars are always ready to go.

What is important to us


Kinetos® E-Power technologies charge powerful batteries in electric vehicles at turbo speed, ensuring emission-free mobility.


Kinetos® E-Power technologies feature a charger management system with circuit breakers and temperature monitoring to proactively prevent damage.


For us, the highest quality workmanship means putting consistent, safe and reliably functioning electric charging technologies into your hands.