We give e-mobility an   electrifying  future

How it all began

The roots of our actions

We are experiencing the greatest evolution of mobility in over a century. 135 years after the invention of the automobile, the automotive industry is facing the greatest upheaval and technological transformation process in its history. We are still at the beginning of a new age of people- and climate-friendly mobility.  The benefits of mobility are increasingly coming into focus. After all, mobility is a human need and a necessary requirement of an increasingly global society.  With our pioneering charging stations, wallboxes and on-board chargers, our company is a driver of this unstoppable new global mobility movement.
Einzigartige Welt


Intelligent, fast and safe charging of electric cars

We want our earth to remain livable. To protect our environment and our climate sustainably, we are developing CO2-free impact technologies for unlimited e-mobility. Clean electromobility with zero emissions protects our health. It safeguards the earth’s natural habitats and thus contributes sustainably to the preservation of biological diversity and beauty. It gives us back the unrestricted freedom at work, during leisure time and on vacation to participate autonomously in social life. In order for e-mobility to gain acceptance across society, it requires the technological modernization of today’s e-charging systems. No matter where or when, e-vehicles must be able to be quickly charged with electricity without any restrictions on range, just as we are used to today with conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines. The e-charging infrastructure must no longer be the limit.
Charging electric vehicles must be child’s play and as fast as refueling.

Mobility megatrend

Long before e-mobility became a megatrend, we had the vision of emission-free, sustainable mobility in 2010. E-mobility is one of the biggest levers for the energy transition. We wanted to decarbonize mobility and become a central component of the energy transition in the long term. We were convinced that, in view of climate change, the time of the classic combustion engine is over and electric drives will prevail. It quickly became clear to us that the success of e-mobility stands and falls with a comprehensive and powerful e-charging infrastructure. But it was important to us not only to quickly develop technically simple AC charging technologies; we wanted to replace the existing fossil charging infrastructure on an equal footing. So we ventured into the top class early on: smart, scalable fast-charging chargers that charge batteries very quickly with more than 22 kW without polluting the power grid.
The founders

The idea generators and impulse givers

Hans_vor Hecke_gründer Rand
Dragan_vor Hecke_grüner Rand
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We are the founders: Hans-Ulrich Bürgel, Dragan Vučetić and Branko Milovanovic. We chose each other because we form the perfect founding team. We share the same vision. We are driven by the same values and goals. We combine the necessary competencies around drive and charging technologies, software development and production. Through our different personalities and skills, we offer a diverse range of opportunities and a broad horizon of experience.

The future makers

For us, it’s the WE that counts. Respectful interaction with each other expresses our mutual appreciation. We are united by the great, common vision of clean, limit-free mobility. The team is our star. It makes the big difference. Everyone in our team carries great ideas and knowledge. With all of our expertise, experience and energy, we can make our vision a reality.

Together. Mobility. Making.

We cooperate with automotive manufacturers (OEM), automotive suppliers, electrical component manufacturers, dealers, planners, installers and electricians to always provide our customers with the best possible quality and services. We strive for partnerships that add value for our customers and open up a win-win situation for both partners. If you are interested in a partnership with us, we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

Excellence inspires customers

Our European Headquarters

Our headquarters in Cologne . How to reach us

Our think tank is located at our headquarters in Cologne. This is where visions of the future and high-tech meet German engineering par excellence. The proximity to development and the daily exchange gives our sales, marketing and service the quality that makes the big difference for you as a customer.