Modern working environments at Kinetos®

The European headquarters in Cologne

The Kinetos® Group is at home in the new Stolberger Hof in Cologne-Braunsfeld, not far from downtown Cologne. Here, the Kinetos® headquarters are located in one of two two-story building ensembles facing each other.

This inspiring location is home to Kinetos® management, sales, marketing, development and production. The Office Loft is a creative space for collaboration and meetings. This pleasant atmosphere is an excellent place to develop new ideas, innovations and strategies for charging technologies.

The design makes the heart of minimalists beat faster. The accents of the concrete-like surfaces in combination with wood and the generosity of the open design of the Office Loft radiate a warm and inviting atmosphere in which it is fun to work.

The building facade and courtyard areas, clad in multicolored bricks, are an expression of a very unique atmosphere. The building and the courtyard form a harmonious, interrelated unit. The offices are lit from both sides and have an outdoor area with a sun terrace and garden designed with a lot of greenery.
Test des On-Board-Chargers

The Asia headquarters in Luzhou

Luzhou is home to the Kinetos Group headquarters for Asia. Located in the southeast of the Chinese province of Sichuan, the city lies at the confluence of the Yangtze and Tuo Jiang rivers. With an area of 485,000 km² and a population of approximately 92 million, Sichuan is one of the four most populous provinces in China. The southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan 四川 (“Four Rivers”) is considered the home of panda bears. But Sichuan also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape and culture. The province is considered an insider tip for its unique natural landscapes and cultural monuments. Six unique sites are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There is a partnership between Sichuan Province and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia that dates back to 1988.


In Luzhou you will find Kinetos® Luzhou Charger Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Kinetos® Group Holding GmbH. Luzhou has an area of 12,232 square kilometers and a registered population of approximately 5,096,100 at the end of 2018. The business license required for China was granted by Luzhou High Tec Zone (LHZ) in 2019. In best cooperation with LHZ, the new inviting headquarters and modern production hall have been built. In Luzhou, Kinetos® produces the on-board chargers and e-charging columns for the Asian market as a Tier 1 partner for Chinese OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The general manager on site is Ben Chen-An.