Our Story

The electrifying story

Long before e-mobility became a megatrend, we had the vision of emission-free, sustainable mobility in 2010. E-mobility is one of the biggest levers for the energy transition. We wanted to decarbonize mobility and become a central component of the energy transition in the long term. We were convinced that, in view of climate change, the time of the classic combustion engine is over and electric drives will prevail. It quickly became clear to us that the success of e-mobility stands and falls with a comprehensive and powerful e-charging infrastructure. But it was important to us not only to quickly develop technically simple AC charging technologies; we wanted to replace the existing fossil charging infrastructure on an equal footing. So we ventured into the top class early on: intelligent, scalable fast-charging chargers that charge batteries very quickly with more than 22 kW without polluting the power grid.

The creative founding team behind the innovative company.

We are Branko Milovanovic, Hans-Ulrich Bürgel and Dragan Vučetić. With our many years of interdisciplinary experience as graduate engineers in the development and production of modern drive and charging technologies, we brought the perfect skills for this unusual and exciting future project. In 2012, we started to realize our vision with the first DC high-voltage charger (850 V). 2018 became the birth of our company. Inspired by kinetic energy, we gave our future project the name: Kinetos®. With the first seed funding, we professionalized our lab infrastructure, recruited new team-mates to drive development and production. We built the first on-board charger and DC charging station prototypes. Kinetos Luzhou Charger Ltd. was not only established as a 100% subsidiary in China in 2019, but also built a production and administration building together with Luzhou High-tech Zone. Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers became aware of us.

In 2020, another founder, Manfred Zerwas, joined the company to prepare and align Kinetos® for future growth. As a company builder, he brought many years of experience and the financing to align Kinetos® with sales and marketing for growth. Marketing and sales strategies were developed; the branding of the company was sharpened. To meet future requirements, Kinetos was given a group structure at the beginning of 2021. Since then, it has been operating as Kinetos® Group Holding GmbH with its 3 operating subsidiaries, the

The products are developed ready for series production. Production is ready. Now we are ready to go! Our journey starts now.