E-Power for Turbo-Schnecken

Lüdenscheid / Cologne | 03.11.2022 | Sustainable mobility and a positive ecological footprint are playing an increasingly important role in all industries. A 150 kW DC fast charging station and two AC charging stations with a total of six charging points from the Cologne-based charging technology manufacturer Kinetos® were recently commissioned for the grounds of the “Schneckenhaus” sports and club center of the Turbo-Schnecken in Lüdenscheid, Sauerland. The implementation date is scheduled for the beginning of next year

At the beginning of 2023, an e-charging infrastructure is to be built on the club’s own parking lot near the A45 between Hagen and Olpe. There is enough space on the Turbo Schnecken club grounds adjacent to the club’s “Schneckenhaus” building. The charging park is to be open to the public. The e-charging technology manufacturer and supplier Kinetos® from Cologne was commissioned with the project.

“With the e-charging park, we want to make the club grounds fit for the future and our sports operations more sustainable. In addition to the e-car charging stations, a multiple charging station for e-bikes will also be realized. Thanks to a grant from the NRW funding program “Modern Sports Facilities 2022″, we were able to lay the financial foundation for the realization of this project,” says Brigitte Klein, board member of the club, and adds: “The closure of the nearby Rahmedetal freeway bridge on the A45 and the associated detour routes through the city are severely trying the patience of our employees, members and visitors. In addition, the current development with regard to cost/price increases – especially in the price of electricity – and the long delivery times for e-cars and electrotechnical components resulting from supply chain problems are not exactly conducive to the realization of such a large project by a sports club. Nevertheless, we are absolutely convinced of the future viability of our project. We want to be pioneers in our region and implement this e-charging infrastructure project at our “Schneckenhaus” in a timely manner.”

A charging station project of this kind is complex – from coordinating the energy supply to civil engineering work and commissioning. The planning and design of an e-charging infrastructure project required precise coordination. The electrotechnical concept in particular is extensive “Close cooperation with Kinetos® was necessary for the electrotechnical concept. The support from Kinetos® helped us a lot to find the right solutions for us.”
Vereingelände wird zum Ladepark - Zukunftsfähigkeit und Nachhaltigkeit des Sportbetriebs als Ziel
Meeting of Brigitte Klein, Chairwoman Turbo-Schnecken Lüdenscheid e.V. and Prof. Dr. Dragan Vučetić, Managing Director Kinetos® Group on the occasion of the visit of the association’s premises

Holistic charging infrastructure with DC and AC from a single source

Fast charging stations (DC) and AC charging stations are used. The powerful Kinetos® DC power station delivers 150 kW of charging power and the option of charging two electric vehicles at the same time. If a charging point is not being used, the full 150 kW power is available to the charging point being used. A special feature of the Kinetos® Power Rock charging solution of the Twin Public series is that the AC charging pole provides two charging sockets each for simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles. With two charging stations, four vehicles can be charged in parallel around the clock with up to 22 kW charging power each.

Both charging technologies are designed for public electricity charging in compliance with calibration regulations and will also enable ad-hoc charging via debit or credit card in the future.

An important step towards the future

“We entered the race as the fourth and last provider. We are proud that we were able to convince the association of us through the intensive consultation in combination with our technology-leading charging technologies,” said the CEO of Kinetos® Group, Prof. Dr. Dragan Vučetić. “We are impressed by the passion with which the association is moving forward. Turbo-Schnecken Lüdenscheid e.V. is a great example of what local commitment to people’s health and sustainability of mobility look like.”

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