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Partner der Kinetos verspricht große Chancen vom Wachstum des Zukunftsmarkt der Ladesäulen zu profitieren

Get access to the future market of charging stations

The electrification of vehicle drives is increasing rapidly. This is increasing the need for charging infrastructure in the private, semi-public and public sectors. The market for charging technologies is booming and promises exponential growth. With us and our pioneering charging technologies, you gain access to the profitable e-mobility market and the best charging technologies currently available from Kinetos®.

Benefit from the exponential growth of charging stations in the e-mobility market

Our strategy is to serve the global market for e-charging technologies together with a network of strong, experienced and reliable partners. Participate with your sales successes from the long-term, strong growth of a global, sustainable future market and a strong brand. If you strive for sustainable economic success like we do, become a member of our worldwide Kinetos® Community.

Become Kinetos® partner

Choose the innovative e-loading solutions that fit your business model from our range of partners. We offer you technologically first-class and high-quality e-loading solutions as well as all the necessary information and services along the customer journey.

A good partner network reinforces strengths and creates mutual synergies. With our partner program, we address selected partners whose competencies complement each other perfectly.


Our strong brand strengthens your strong business

Becoming Kinetos® partner means you get:

  • participation in one of the biggest future markets of our time,

  • excellent charging solutions directly from the manufacturer,

  • design-oriented, technological and high-quality charging technologies,

  •  first-hand technical know-how and

  • profitable conditions that match your performance.


The Kinetos® distribution partners

Authorized Kinetos sales partners know the needs and requirements of your customers. They actively inform their customers about the charging technology offering and independently provide them with competent solution advice tailored to the respective task. They have demonstrably established business contacts and sales channels, an essential prerequisite for a partnership with us. Thanks to your broad customer base and your knowledge of customers, you can offer your customers added value through charging technology.  Choose the sales partner model that is right for you, using your knowledge and skills to grow your offering.

Distribution partner

As a dealer or reseller in the mobility or electrical industry, you take over the distribution of Kinetos® powerboxes and power stations via your online or offline store. You interest your customers in the Kinetos® charge solutions through targeted marketing activities.

Business partner

You have a broad customer base and a well-developed network with close relationships to decision-makers and company leaders. You awaken demand in marketing and sales, qualify it, provide competent advice and are committed to selling your customers the right Kinetos® powerboxes and power stations, including the desired accessories and optional interiors and exteriors.

Solution partner

You are already successfully active in the mobility or electric industry with your company. You have sound sales know-how as well as expertise in the planning, implementation and realization of charging infrastructure projects or complement our charging technologies with your own complementary software or hardware.

OEM partner

As a Kinetos® OEM partner in the automotive industry, you implement our onboard chargers in your vehicles and market our powerboxes and power stations  under your own name (white label). In this way, you create added value synergies for your customers together with our technologies. As an OEM partner, you benefit from a special consulting, support, training, licensing and pricing model.

Tech Partner models

The Kinetos® technology partners

The Kinetos® technology partnership can also be entered into additively to the sales partnership. The prerequisite for a technology partnership is a successfully completed partner training in order to demonstrate excellent qualifications to our joint customers and to ensure a uniform level of quality.

Technology partners

As a Kinetos® Solutions Technology Partner, you develop your own solutions and thus add practical extensions to the Kinetos charging technologies. These “plug-ins” are published in the Kinetos® Store on request, communicated to customers and sold.

Installation partners

As a Kinetos® installation partner in the electrical trade, you will benefit in the long term from the sale, installation, commissioning and regular maintenance of Kinetos charge solutions.

Planning partners

As a Kinetos® planning partner, you are required to plan and implement charging infrastructures in compliance with legal and constructional requirements. The requirements here range from individual charging stations to consistently scalable overall concepts.

The level makes the difference

Kinetos® has three different partner levels, from silver to gold to platinum, which you can assume as a partner depending on the partner score you have achieved. Depending on the partner level achieved, we offer our partners different customized service packages to support your business activities. From personal partner support and technical advice, to product development in individual design, to the manufacture of customer-specific products, we offer you targeted differentiation for an individual marketing concept for our products. Through the continuous exchange of information, we maintain a close relationship with our partners.

On good cooperation


As our partner, you get access to all the information and documentation you need for your channel. Additionally, you get access to our training offer.


You will have a partner advisor who will serve as a contact in our company and will provide you with appropriate support in the individual steps of the implementation, sales and project process. This service can take the form of providing information, consulting or participating in customer meetings.


Where know-how is essential for the implementation of Kinetos charging technologies, we train our partners, provide them with comprehensive documentation based on and certify them to the extent and knowledge of the respective partner model.
Important Statements

This is important to us

A sustainable partnership is built on success. In order to put our partnership on the right track for success right from the start, the following statements are fundamental for us:

We are there for you

You are interested in our e-charging technologies. Very good. You would like to sell or broker our charging stations or on-board chargers to your customers. That sounds like a good idea. Let us know what interests you about Kinetos®. Please answer a few questions so that we can process your inquiry quickly and competently.

Thank you for your interest in Kinetos®.