Phoenix Contact and Kinetos® agree on strategic partnership

Köln | 06.09.2022 | Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH and Kinetos® Solutions GmbH & Co. KG agree on a strategic partnership. Kinetos® Solutions joins the new Phoenix Contact E-Mobility Solution Partner Program and achieves the official status of certified E-Mobility Solutions Partner. Kinetos® uses the latesttechnology-leading e-charging stations on power electronics and control components from Phoenix Contact.

Zertifizierung der strategischen Partnerschaft zwischen Phoenix Contact und Kinetos
F.l.t.r.: Jörg Hildebrand, Head of Vertical Market Management Renewables PHOENIX CONTACT and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Dragan Vučetić, CEO Kinetos® decide on strategic partnership

Kinetos® relies on power technology-leading e-charging stations, which are built with power electronics and control components from Phoenix Contact. In its development of offboard and onboard charging solutions, Kinetos® builds on the latest technologies, current R&D know-how and the best product quality. This combinesKinetos® with Phoenix Contact, the leading international electrical engineering manufacturer and supplier for e-mobility from Germany.

The partnership aims to leverage each other’s knowledge and experience of the other partner in the field of electromobility, thereby creating synergies and to jointly develop existing charging solutions for new chargingprojects and thus find new customer-specific solutions.

To this end, Phoenix Contact involves Kinetos® at an early stage in the development of new products and solutions. Through this technical integration and support, Kinetos® gains a high level of know-how for the early, smooth and customer-specific integration of the electrical and control solutions from Phoenix Contact.

Kinetos® DC charging stations are available in a power range from 25 kW to 180 kW per charging point. Kinetos®uses a voltage range of 150 to 1,000 VDC. These are an excellent match for the latest generation of e-vehicles with 800 V.

Partnership is a win-win for all customers

The E-Mobility Solution Partner Program is a win-win for customers of both companies, due to the fact that they currently offer the best performance and control electronics together with Kinetos® DC fast-charging stations, as well as other important electrical components made-in-Germany from Phoenix Contact.

For their charging infrastructure projects the customers receive a fast and competent support solution from both companies. Kinetos® benefits from a comprehensive training concept and the transfer and exchange of knowledge within the partner network.

Together, the two companies are making an important contribution to the further development of electromobility, the reduction of CO2 and to achieving the global climate targets.

Best-Practice-Technologies of the latest generation

As part of the signing ceremony, high-ranking representatives of both companies recently met at the Kinetos®headquarters. „Phoenix Contact has helped us with its extraordinary expertise in research and development. The charging stations from Kinetos® are based on the latest findings in science and industry and use-practice technologies of the latest generation,” says the CEO of the Kinetos® Group, Prof. Dr. Dragan Vučetić, and adds:”With Phoenix Contact, we have an important and reliable partner who has accompanied our path for several years, believes in us and enriches our Kinetos® solutions with its products and its know-how enriches our Kinetos® solutions.”

“We are pleased to have gained an influential energy solution partner in Kinetos®. We benefit from the flexibility and extensive project handling on site. Together with Kinetos® we can make an important contribution to the further development of electric mobility” says Head of VMM Renewables Jörg Hildebrand.

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