Rock e-mobility with Kinetos® Power Rock

Charge your electric car with the Kinetos® Power Rock. Choose between 11 or 22 kW charging power per charging point. No matter which power you choose, you are making the right decision. The charging power of the 11 kW Power Rock can be doubled to 22 kW via software update. You can get the Power Rock as Single Player (1 charging point), Twin (2 charging points) and as Quattro with 4 charging points. Convince yourself of the best-class technology of the Kinetos® Power Rock in the elegant and very robust metal housing with smart sapphire glass. The Kinetos® Powerboxes are compliant with calibration regulations, eligible for subsidies and CE-certified!

Design that writes our history

The Kinetos® Power Rock is the counter-design to fast-moving electronic
 disposable electronic products. Instead of simple, environmentally harmful plastic, it relies on a shapely metal housing as an expression of a timeless, clear design language. The Kinetos® Power Rock thus stands for durability, robustness and sustainability.  The elegantly tinted sapphire crystal surface with LED status illumination gives the Power Rock that something special. Its maximum functionality is technologically unparalleled.  As a universal talent, it is ideally suited for use in private, semi-public and public spaces.

Charging power

Choose between 11, 22, 44 or 88 kW (AC) the power class that suits them. The Power Rock is available with 1, 2, 4 or 8 charging points.


400 volts directly at the house connection: optionally single-phase or three-phase (3 x faster charging)


Easy and quick to install by your electrician

The Kinetos® Power Rock, Titan, is designed for home charging.

Take off with the energy of the Kinetos® Power Rock

You are looking for an eligible wallbox for home, office and business charging. You prefer an elegant, timeless design with a robust construction that protects against vandalism and weather. Then Kinetos® Power Rock is the right choice for you. The Kinetos® Power Rock is a real eye-catcher that matches your good taste in design.


Which Kinetos Powerbox electrifies you?


As the owner of an e-car in a single or multi-family home, the Kinetos® Powerbox Private (AC) is ideal. It can be easily mounted as a wallbox on facades, walls or alternatively on a pillar.

  • Upgrade to 22 kW possible
  • 7  m cable, plug type 2
  • RFID reader
  • Wall mount
  • cable rewind
  • Stele
  • Complete installation kit
  • Integrated charging and load management
  • Upgrade of charging power to 22 kW possible
  • Free firmware update with existing Internet connection


We recommend Kinetos® Power Rock | Commercial (AC) for companies that want to provide charging points for their employees and customers without payment. The power consumption can be recorded and billed via this. It is available as Commander and Crew with static and dynamic load management.

  • Upgrade to 22 kW possible
  • 7 m charging cable, plug type 2
  • Wall mount
  • Stele
  • GSM router
  • Static and dynamic load management
  • Available as Basic or as Commander / Crew powerbox for operation in combination with several wallboxes (load management required)
  • Upgrade to 22 kW possible
  • Backend connection for digital management, billing and services
  • SIM card (2 years) for backend connection
  • Service contract to maintain operational readiness 
  • Free firmware update if internet connection is available
  • Complete installation kit


In the public sector, where a large number of e-cars have to be charged against payment, we recommend the Kinetos® Powerbox Public. Electricity consumption can be recorded, paid for and canceled in compliance with calibration regulations. It is available as Commander and Crew with static and dynamic load management.

  • Upgrade to 22 kW possible
  • 5 m or 7 m cable, plug type 2
  • Wall mount
  • Stele
  • GSM router
  • Static and dynamic load management
  • Available as Basic or as Commander /Crew-Powerbox for operation in combination with several wallboxes (load management required)
  • Upgrade to 22 kW possible
  • Backend connections for digital management and billing and services
  • SIM card (2 years) for backend connection
  • Calibration-compliant electricity meter
  • Service contract to maintain operational readiness
  • Free firmware update if internet connection is available
  • Complete installation kit

Buy from manufacturer

There is no better place to buy Kinetos® Power Rock than from the manufacturer himself. Talk to us about the unique Kinetos® Power Rock. 

The Kinetos® Power Rock, Public, with its elegant and robust design is ideal for public parking areas, such as here in the parking garage.


More power - more power

If you don’t want to compromise on performance at home or at work, the Kinetos® Power Rock is the right solution. Two or four vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the double (Twin) or quadruple (Quattro) station. Thanks to the free update service (Internet connection required), your Power Rock is always up to date with the latest software. As an option, the Kinetos® Power Rock can be used with the form-designed stele.

The interior

Select the interior equipment to suit your application from a comprehensive range of functions.


The RFID or NFC reader is used to identify the use and payment process for all common charging cards.

Consumption measurement

They record the electricity consumed via digital ammeters.


The connection to existing authentication and billing services is made using OCPP-1.6-J.

Load management

Statistical and dynamic load management with load balancing for sequential and parallel charging of AC and DC charging stations in combination with Kinetos® Load Management ARC. With Kinetos® Power Rock Basic, you get static load management for up to 3 Power Rock wall boxes included as standard.


The number of charging points can be scaled and networked according to your needs. You can start big with us or grow your charging infrastructure gradually according to demand.


Type 2 receptacle cover and DC fault current detection and type A RCD (RCBO); weatherproof, durable design.

The exterior

Select the exterior equipment that suits your application from a comprehensive range of functions. 


The high-quality and robust metal housing with glass front gives the Kinetos® Power Rock an elegant design and protects against vandalism and weather influences.


The Kinetos® Power Rock is available as standard for wall/façade suspension and optionally with a stele for use as a pedestal.


The integrated LED light serves as a welcome light and to indicate the status of your refueling process.

Quick installation and easy handling

Installing and maintaining the maintenance-free Kinetos® Power Rock is a snap. You hang the Power Rock and plug it into a 16 or 32 amp outlet. Then you register, install and activate the Power Rock via the Kinetos® app or, in the case of commercial charging infrastructures, via our Kinetos proprietary backend system. You’re ready to get started with your first charging session.

The functional design will look good in your house.


Built-in protection devices protect against overvoltage. The exterior materials used provide good protection against moisture and humidity. The glass front is hygienic perfect for cleaning from pollution and viruses.


The Kinetos® Power Rock are compatible with all e-vehicles with a voltage up to 400 volts and Type2 plug.


Connect the Kinetos® Power Rock to your self-sufficient home energy management system and charge your e-vehicle with the green electricity you produce yourself.


Attention - this is important!

For safe operation of the wallboxes, protection devices against current faults are required if a line or contact is defective. These are often not built into inexpensive wallboxes and have to be installed additionally, which incurs extra costs. 

The connection to the in-house energy management makes sense for photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbine owners who produce their own green electricity. This makes it possible, for example, to control that your e-car is only charged with the electricity from your own PV or wind system, or that it is only charged when your own system produces sufficient electricity or the electricity from the grid operator is particularly cheap during certain hours. For the grid operators, such smart wallboxes are an aid to better manage the power grid and protect it from overload. They therefore often reward e-car owners with special, more favorable rates. 

You want your e-car to be charged only when the electricity is not needed elsewhere in the household or business. Using a digital electricity meter, we determine how much electricity is available and pass it on to our wallboxes.

A wallbox must be integrated into the house installation by a qualified electrician. 

Almost all car manufacturers offer a wallbox directly with the sale of an electric car, which are usually manufactured by outside companies. These wallboxes are usually more expensive than those from the manufacturer itself. A comparison is therefore worthwhile.

Wallboxes can be connected not only to the power grid, but also to the Internet and smartphone. This offers many advantages. If your wallbox has an Internet or wireless connection, firm updates can be read in automatically, which means that your wallbox is always up to date on the software side. In addition, you can use back-office services for maintenance, service or billing, which can be useful for billing company cars, for example.

Charging cables are expensive. You have to decide whether to use an existing charging cable or whether you also need a fixed or flexible cable installed on the wallbox. Usually, you will receive a charging cable from the car manufacturer as part of the delivery. This is intended for connection to public charging stations. In this case, only one socket is required on the wallbox. However, every time you charge, you have to unpack the charging cable and plug it into both the car and the wallbox. This can become annoying over time. It is annoying if you forget to put the charging cable back in the trunk and realize at a public charging station that you forgot your cable at home.

Type 2 plugs on e-cars have been standard in Europe for several years. They thus fit into every new car.

Long charging times are rightly annoying. In most cases, they are due to the fact that the charging station or wallbox offered is only connected to one of the three live strands of the thick power cable that leads to every household and every AC charging station in this country. As a result, the charging pole also only uses a third of the maximum power – instead of flowing at 11 kilowatts (kW), only 3.66 kW. At 22 kW, it’s only 7.33. So charging your e-car can take up to 24 hours. 


We are there for you

You are interested in our Kinetos® Power Rock (AC). Great, that makes us really happy! If you are planning a more extensive commercial project with multiple Power Rocks in your business, a residential complex, or a parking lot, we’d love for you to answer a few important questions about your project in advance below.