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The passion for intelligent charging infrastructure, strong charging management and fastest charging technology drives us day by day. With Kinetos® WARPSPEE® we have developed a very fast, usage-intelligent and networked charging technology leading the way. It can be used as an onboard charger inside as well as AC and DC charging stations outside the vehicle. Kinetos® is the only charging station manufacturer in the world that has also developed the heart, the converter in the charging station, itself and manufactures it with Made-in-Germany quality. Discover the electrifying solutions from Kinetos®.


Discover the diversity of Kinetos® Solutions

Kinetos® Power-World offers the optimum solution for any vehicle class, application and field of use. Choose from the different variants and equipment series the best one for you. We will be happy to help you. Please contact us.

Powerboxes© 11 to ≤ 22 kW

For private, commercial use & operators

Powerstations© ≥ 25 kW

For operators & commercial users

Powercharger© ≥ 22 kW

For automotive industry
& suppliers
The Kinetos® Powercharger in the engine compartment of a Sprinter-class light commercial vehicle ensures that the electric vehicle is quickly charged and ready to drive.

We create solutions for you to be mobile

As a pioneer of e-mobility, we recognized the potential of DC technologies earlier than anyone else, giving us a major head start in development. Today, we offer holistic solutions ranging from Kinetos® Powerstations (DC) with intelligent connectivity to compact AC Powerboxes and flexibly configurable Onboard chargers (OBC) for e-vehicles. We are thus building the next-generation charging infrastructure based on today’s power grids. For us, chargers and charging points are not opposites. Wherever there are sufficient fast charging points (DC), the traction battery of electric cars can be charged quickly and gently using them. However, the on-board chargers we have developed are indispensable where no fast-charging stations are available away from highways. At home, at work or in a parking garage. Here, the Kinetos® Powerchargers act as charging stations for the fast refueling of your electric cars.
Kinetos® charging stations cover all power ranges from AC to DC to High Power Charging.
Fields of use

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Charge several e-cars at the same time

Kinetos® Powerboxes and pillars (AC) are available as single and duo variants. With Duo, several electric vehicles can be charged at the same time from just one station. Discover the best solution for you. 
The fast charging stations, so-called DC charging stations, of the Kinetos® Group are available in various power classes from 25 kW and with multiple charging points.

Real plus points

Collect real plus points with Kinetos® power stations. With 450 volts, Kinetos covers today’s common voltage ranges for electric vehicles from 350 to 450 volts. The SiC-based components ensure maximum efficiency. And last but not least, the power stations use all three phases simultaneously and synchronously. More is not possible!

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Unique technology

With Kinetos® WARPSPEE, we have developed High-speed a very fast, usage-intelligent, and flexibly scalable charging technology that is leading the way.  It is used in charging stations and electric vehicles.

For shortest charging times

With three times the charging power, DC charging current technology that can be scaled as required, better efficiency, intelligent control, and intelligent operation, we are revolutionizing e-mobility.

Hightech Made in Germany

With its next-generation e-charging technologies, the Kinetos® Group is a pioneer of cutting-edge high-tech. With engineering Made in Germany, Kinetos® is one of the number one suppliers.

Only 2 hours charging time

When it comes to speed, Kinetos® is the measure of all things: For example, a Renault®  ZOE with the currently largest available lithium-ion battery of 52 kWh can be fully charged in just over 2 hours with our entry-level AC models. With such fast speeds, they don’t have to wait any longer for their e-car when they urgently need it.

Our technology partners

The unique Kinetos® technology behind the Power

Our technological claim is to offer a coherent and consistent concept that works equally well in the electric vehicle and in the charging station. The heart of our Kinetos® WARPSPEE® technology is our Powercharger.

Kinetos® is the only charging station manufacturer in the world to have developed its own power charger. In contrast to the relatively simple design of monophase chargers, that of Kinetos® three-phase Powercharger is more challenging, which is the reason that few companies have succeeded in developing such powerful technology to date.

The charging unit (hardware) obtains its intelligence from the intelligent embedded software. It intelligently controls, regulates and monitors, virtually as an operating system, the Kinetos® Powerboxes, Powerstations and power chargers in the background. Thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible, for example, to create optimized individual charging profiles based on usage data, in order, for example, to take advantage of self-produced renewable energy or to charge at times with favorable tariffs. The innovative predictive services within the scope of a maintenance contract detect malfunctions in advance, before a failure occurs. In addition, faults are reported by mail alarm.

Intelligent Load Management

By intelligently optimizing the charging processes using the smart Kinetos load management, you use the full potential of your grid connection and thus charge faster. You avoid load fluctuations and ensure continuous grid stability, even when several vehicles are being charged or charging stations are being operated simultaneously. In charging profiles, you can define how the available connected load is to be dynamically distributed among the vehicles and charging points. This can be done sequentially, i.e. vehicle by vehicle, or in parallel several vehicles at the same rate. But other schemes and priorities can also be defined within the framework of the available charging power. In this way, they optimize the charging of their electric vehicle fleets in a grid-friendly manner.

Standardized interfaces

With open, standardized interfaces and communication protocols such as CCS, Type 2 and OCPP between the e-vehicle, charging station, and backend and energy management systems, we ensure that our charging technologies keep pace with the development of electromobility. The standardized OCPP interface allows the charging station to be coupled with its home energy management and self-produced renewable energies.
Multiple Kinetos® charging stations can be connected to form a network and controlled via an intelligent load management system.

Intelligent Services

Our services range from consulting on individual solutions and the connection of billing systems to the complete implementation and installation of a charging infrastructure.
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